Brazil Has Finally Received Help to Clean up their Oil Spill

How Much Help Has Brazil Received?

Brazil had an environmental catastrophe in early September after large amounts of oil inexplicably washed up on shore.

The spill has remained a mystery and has already touched over 1,000 miles of their coast, killing marine life along the way. According to officials 15 sea turtles, 2 birds and 1 fish have died.

After public outrage due to the country’s inaction involving the worst oil spill in their history, the Brazilian government has deployed 5,000 troops to its beaches to help volunteers.

Due to videos being released of volunteers inefficient attempts, they have been met with ridicule on social media. The footage had shown how ill equipped the locals are by using nothing more than rubber gloves and fishing nets. This has left everyone questioning why the government hasn’t offered an actual coordinated national response.

A boy walks out of the sea while removing oil spilled on Itapuama beach located in the city of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Pernambuco state, Brazil, on October 21, 201
It is the worst oil spill Brazil has ever encountered CREDIT:  LEO MALAFAIA/ AFP

The vice president, Mr Mourão said that their government was able to recover 600 tons of the oil. He called the accident ” unprecedented in the world”.

President Jair Bolsonaro’s government has posited a few theories on what caused this disaster from blaming Venezuela, criminals and even foreign vessels. But this isn’t standing with the critics because they have argued the the government is no close to determining the source of the spill.

President Bolsonaro has had a difficult year due to being criticized over his response to the major wild fires in the the Amazon. In November there is an auction taking place which Brazil expected to generate $5o billion for Brazil which is why Bolsonaro suspects criminal action.

Volunteers attempt to clean the spill on Itapuama Beach in Cabo de Santo Agostinho
Volunteers attempt to clean the spill on Itapuama Beach in Cabo de Santo Agostinho CREDIT: VEETMANO PREM 

Experts believe that the oil spill was unlikely to have occurred from the ocean floor (natural oil spill) or a sunken ship.

What do you think happened and how can we help? Oil spills are a huge concern for our marine wildlife and we need to stop the destruction of our wonder planet. Brazil has finally received help to clean up their oil spill but is it enough?

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