Susan Creek Falls Trail

1.9 Mile Hike Near Idleyd Park off of North Umpqua Highway

Susan Creek Falls

Susan Creek Falls Trail Info

  • Start point: Susan Creek Falls Trailhead
  • Ending Point: Susan Creek Falls
  • Hike Type: In and out
  • Distance: 1.6 miles
  • Elevation gain: 105 feet
  • High Point: 1,065 feet
  • Waterfall Height: 40ft
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Seasons: All year
  • Family Friendly: Yes
  • Backpackable: No
  • Crowded: No

Susan Creek Falls Trail

Susan Creek Falls trail in Oregon is one for the books. The trail is right off of the Umpqua Highway and it is relatively easy. There is a slight incline but it isn’t as bad as it looks. One of my favorite times to take this hike is early in the morning when the parking lot is empty. The trail is littered with all kinds of different trees such as Oregon white oak, Pacific madrone, big-leaf maple, western hemlock, and incense-cedar. As you begin your adventure the deeper you go into the woods, the sound of traffic begins to dissipate. You begin to hear birds chirping, leaves rattling and the soft crunch of dirt under your feet.

The Trail

There is a section of the trail that splits into two different trails but they both lead to Susan Creek and there about the same distance either way you take. As you approach the waterfall you’ll notice the stream it creates along the trail. The stream is so clear and teeming with aquatic creatures that it is a sight to see before you get to the waterfall itself. As you begin to hear the roar of the water and all its energy, you come across a little wooden bridge you can take to get to the other side of the stream.

Susan Creek Falls Trail
Susan Creek Falls, Oregon

About the Falls

Susan Creek falls is around 40 feet high and crystal clear. At the bottom of the falls you will notice that the water sits in a big round pool that you can get to by crawling through the middle of the gap in the rock wall that surrounds it. Once your inside you are almost hidden from the outside world which makes for a great spot to go for a quick dip and cool off. There is a picnic table by the wooden bridge which makes for a great spot to picnic. There is a lot to explore here beside viewing Susan Creek Falls. I don’t like to disclose where but there are Indian mounds located around the falls so please be respectful if you happen to stumble across them.

Leaving the Trail

If you ended up taking this trail early in the morning, I would advise not to head home just yet. There are several other waterfalls in area and plenty to see if you’re still down for an adventure. Across from Susan Creek Falls is a great day-use area if you would like to rest before moving on. Fall Creek Falls is about four miles east of here and is just as good if not better of a hike. If you are interested in learning more about Fall Creek Falls, click here. As always, if you visit Oregons’ beautiful trails watch out for poison oak and please dispose of trash properly as we want to preserve our earth for future generations to enjoy it as much as we have! If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact us.

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