The Best Hosting for Your Blog or Store

Why SiteGround Hosting is the Best

You’re finally ready to start your own blog or store but you are lost like a boat at sea. There are three main things you need to at least get your site up:

  • Web Host
  • Domain Name
  • Website Building Software
Web Hosting
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The great thing about SiteGround is that you can knock out 2 of those 3 things in one step. When you sign up for their hosting they also give you a free domain name! This is excellent because it saves you time and money by not going somewhere like Godaddy and purchasing a domain! So all that is left now is the software to build your website so you can start working on your dream.

WordPress Web Builder

WordPress is great for anything you want to create when it comes to building a website. Even if you just want to blog, WordPress is the way to go because there are lot of web templates that pretty much build the site for you. If you have any troubles there are plenty of walk through on Youtube.

So why did I mention WordPress as a web builder? Well, SiteGround is more than just a host who keep the servers running, their technical support team knows WordPress fairly well and will help you fix your site if you mess it up! Now this isn’t always the case if you make a huge mistake and break a bunch of things but they will point you in the right direction. This is great when your new to things and know someone is there to help you along if need be which is excellent because you can’t really find this support anywhere else.

Web Hosting
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Daily Backups for Your Site

Daily backups are a must when you are putting in a lot of work on your site. This has become rare with a lot of hosts because most of them only offer once a week backups and every other day backups if your lucky. This is depressing because it used to be standard to have daily backups with your host. If you chose a different host and your last backup was last week, you would loose that weeks worth a work if you had to use it. But when it comes to Siteground they provide daily backups and in the worse case scenario you would only have to go back one day. I have used the daily backups several times when I was new to designing websites and it has saved me so much time.

The Best Customer Service

Siteground provides some of the best customer service I have seen! They offer live chat to help you quickly with any issues you may have. If you are not a fan of live chat and would rather have someone talk you through an issue, they do that as well! They have saved me so much time by just going to and using their help center when I messed something up or needed pointed in the right direction!

Web Hosting
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Website Growth

If your website or blog takes off and you are getting a lot of traffic you’ll need to grow beyond the shared hosting. SiteGround Offers cloud and dedicated server plans which allows you to upgrade or downgrade your resources without having to reboot which is really unique for a hosting company. This makes me feel safe because as my site grows I wont have to ever worry about switching hosts and finding someone as great as SiteGround.

Free Site Transfer

If you already have a host but are ready to make the switch to SiteGround they will do it for you! Now just imagine all the time you will save and can use writing your next blog post or selling a product by letting them transfer your site. Here is the best part of the transfer, SiteGround will move over your files and if its WordPress, they will do all the extra work in making sure everything is working after the transfer! Some hosting companies will charge into hundreds just for that and Siteground includes it for FREE in their service!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for SiteGround and WordPress so you can start building that website you have been putting on hold for weeks, months or maybe even years!

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