This is Where You Can Find Bigfoot


The Bigfoot Trail

This is where you can find Bigfoot, on the Bigfoot Trail of course. This is a long distance hiking trail (360 Miles) that goes through the lower half of southwest Oregon and the Klamath Mountains of northwest California. You trip will begin in the Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness and your hike will end near the Redwood National Park. This route will surprise you when you start in then this little know section of California. While hiking you will see one National Park, one State park and six wilderness areas! Now this route is just a concept because it is a trail that is made up from existing hiking trails, public roads and public lands.

Along the Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail coincides with the Bigfoot Trail in the northern Marble Mountain Wilderness and along the edge of the Red Buttes Wilderness. This trail is not for the faint of heart and you will need to be well prepared to spend multiple nights along the trail. Some sections of the trail have been un-maintained for years so this won’t be a hike that you’ll be able to rush along. Which can be a good thing if your on the hunt for Bigfoot! This is the area where your most likely able to come across one if your lucky. Now this trail can be a little dangerous so it is helpful if you or someone you bring along can use a map and compass well. Being able to read the landscape is necessary if you would like finish this hike.

Finding Bigfoot

So now that your ready to go find Bigfoot, I would suggest checking your trail bag several times over. It is a multi-day hike where you’ll need food, plenty of water and shelter. Once more I will let you know that this trail is for hire skill levels so I would be prepared! If you decide to act on this information I have provided you, you acknowledge that Too Bus Hiking in no way guarantee accuracy or advisability of this information. We assume no responsibility for its use or misuse! Be cautious because anything can happen when your out in the remote wildness and you just might stumble across Bigfoot! If you would like to know the top 6 mistakes hikers make before you go, give it a read!

Things I bring on My Long Hiking Trips

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